Our Favorite Links

Dial up some old tunes

www.sugarinthegourd.com    Old Time, all the time. Both Susie and I stream this station directly through iTunes; artist names and song titles are listed in real time as a tune plays. Besides enjoying a huge percentage of what we hear, we're learning about some mighty fine string bands we'd never heard of before. The station has a well-rounded playlist, but they stick with traditional music for the most part. It's not all fiddle tunes, but they play a whole lot of 'em.

www.honkingduck.com     Listen to Old Time songs as they were recorded on old 78's. Learning tools...

>> The Fiddlers Companion

>> Chord maps

>> How to count out time signatures

What's happening on the Old Time Music scene

www.nashvilleoldtime.org    The Nashville Old Time String Band Association has a great website highlighting public jams, special events and a calendar that includes regional contest and festival listings. This is one powerful group of musicians; we keep an archive of their well-written, informative monthly newsletters.

String Bands and Old Time Artists

www.rayna.utopiandesign.com   Rayna Gellert is Susie's personal favorite fiddler. Rayna is the Queen of Crosstune, and rocks an Old Time tune like no other. Rayna wrote the Swannanoa Waltz, a tune our jam members insisted on learning. She's a member of the popular Uncle Earl and is the daughter of Old Time fiddler Dan Gellert.

www.blackcrowbooking.com/artists-3.html   James Bryan has been playing the fiddle since the age of eleven. From Boaz, AL, James won the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddle contest at ages 16 and 19. He's well-known for his unique Southern style fiddling, his interpretation of traditional fiddle tunes and as an avid tune collector. James teaches old time fiddle at many camps including Mars Hill, Swannanoa, and Port Townsend. He performs with his daughter Rachel on guitar and mandolin, and has graced the Pegram Jam with his presence.

www.reeltimetravelers.com  The Reeltime Travelers, one of Tennessee's most well-known string bands, played tunes just the way we like 'em at the Pegram Jam -- slightly unpolished but heartfelt and infectious. Roy and Heidi are old pals of Susie's. Alas, the group is no longer together; they originally were headquartered in Norris, TN, at the Museum of Appalachia.

Other Cool Resources

FiddleTunes of the Old Frontier is The Library of Congress' collection of the music of fiddler Henry Reed which includes original field recordings collected by Alan Jabbour, many performed regularly by Alan today.

Appalachian Journey If you have broadband, we recommend viewing this great piece of American video journalism, along with Dreams and Songs of the Noble Old. These are heartwarming illustrations of people like us, musicians who play for the love of a good tune and the folks they touch.

Greeting Cards for acoustic musicians Visit Karen Cannon's website to get some cool illustrated cards. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa and that is a banjo on his lap...

The Amazing Slow Downer. Slows down an .mp3 file without changing the pitch.