The Pegram Jam Fiddle Tune Chord Chart Book

Herein lies rhythm chord charts for the whole shootin' match...

Over the years we wrote out chord charts for nearly every tune played at the jam and eventually compiled them into a book that we've kept updated. We keep a couple copies on hand at the jam so newcomers and visitors can follow along and won't feel completely lost. Jam members and online visitors have told us countless times how helpful this resource is.

So we decided to offer a free download of this book to the public. While we won't guarantee that every single song in our collection of recordings is in our book, we're not far off. Last count, we had a little over 450 tunes charted out. Most of them are Old Time but there's some Bluegrass and some Celtic music in our collection too. We'll continue to add new tunes from time to time.

We last updated the book in August 2013.

The Pegram Jam Chart Book file comes in .pdf format and is currently 78 pages long. You can read it in your browser with Adobe Reader or download a copy and print it out. Once printed, the pages are formatted to punch and keep in a binder. Be forewarned that there could still be typos and unresolved arrangement issues in the text but we continue to weed out mistakes. You might consider printing out a new version once a year or so.


If you already have a printed version 47 (published in January 2012), you can update your collection of tunes by downloading the supplement below that contains just the newest charts.



Purchase a Chart Book

We now have the latest edition of our Chord Chart Books for sale!

Not everyone has a laser printer or an unlimited supply of ink and paper. Printing out the 60+ page Pegram Jam Chord Chart Book can be more than some folks can handle. So we thought we'd print a handful up for those of you who would rather just buy one.

Each book is coil-bound so it will lay flat when open. 78 pages, black and white. Your cost is $15 per book + shipping; I'll send it USPS Priority Mail and you should have it within 3-5 working days.

Since hears from a lot of folks outside the US, I'll be happy to ship USPS Priority International as well; your book will take up to ten days to arrive and the shipping charges will have to be customized to your location..

Please click the Buy Now button below to be taken to Susie Coleman's Paypal page to purchase a book. You do not have to become a member of Paypal to use this service.


Typos and other concerns

Have you found an error? We know we've got 'em. Do you recognize a tune you hear by a different name? Do you know a catchy traditional Old Time tune not in our repertoire, but should be? CLICK HERE