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If you're an Old Time musician like us, you should feel right at home with the music you find among these pages. The purpose of our website is to inspire the discovery, teaching and learning of traditional fiddle tunes available from the bottomless well of old time music from all over the world. We hope that playing this music will touch your soul as it touches ours.

For many years now, we have recorded our weekly old time jams. In order to help the musicians who attend the jam recall the songs played, we share them online so that folks may download, practice and memorize their favorite tunes. We also created a downloadable booklet of simple chord charts for the tunes we learn to help us remember chord patterns and arrangements.

It gives us great pleasure to share these recordings and chord charts with you as well. Most Old Time tunes survived the generations by being handed down, like family heirlooms, from fiddler to fiddler. So in the spirit of that tradition, we pass these musical treasures forward.

If you're looking for listening music, sorry; you won't find performance-quality recordings here (even though we do have a really good night every now and then.) Often you'll hear us chatting or figuring out chords as we get started on a tune. These recordings are humbly intended as audio reference files. Consider this website your handy "Uh, how does that tune go?" resource.

You will need a user name and password to access the listening and download features of this site. This is simply for the security of our server and is not complicated to obtain. Email Kirk to get a user name and password.

We hope you will enjoy countless hours of pleasure making music with these great tunes, just as we do.